planning a very special event for a special personplanning a very special event for a special person

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planning a very special event for a special person

My grandmother is 80 years old and has just got engaged to marry an 83 year old man that has basically been a member of the family since I was a little girl. My grandmother asked me for help planning her wedding and reception. She wanted something simple, but elegant. She wanted her closest friends and family as well as his friends and family. It took a little while for me to get through all of the details of planning such an important event, but I made it happen. My blog can help others that are trying to plan a special event for someone dear to them.

3 Incredible Trade Show Design Ideas For Startups

One of the best ways for a startup to gain exposure, and possibly be picked up by a larger company, is to go to a trade show. Trade shows are essentially where a company can show off its products to customers and other businesses in an environment that they design: the booth. Your booth is one of the leading factors in how successful your exposure in the trade show will be because it will determine the number of people who are interested.

Attractive, well-designed booths utilize graphics to capture the attention of the trade show goers and provide information. Here are three great design ideas that will help ensure that you are noticed.

1. Storyboard Your Graphics

One awesome idea is to make a storyboard of your company's journey. Creating a startup is stressful because it requires a lot of money and long hours without the guarantee that it will actually catch on. Most startups will have an interesting story to tell, whether it is about making the product itself, dealing with difficult lenders, or even finding the right partners to start the venture. 

Think about the recent movie about the founding of Facebook. The directors were able to take the story about the creation of the company and turn it into a feature length movie. Do something similar with your storyboard. Tell the story about the founding of your startup. Make sure to include plenty of details about the product that you have created.

2. Create a Charging Station

A charging station is a great way to get people to come to your booth. Post that you have a charging center in a large sign directly above the center and decorate the center itself with stickers and pictures of your product, or details about what your product does. This is a bonus because it also creates a built-in place for your booth salespeople to engage potential customers.

3. Consider Using Electronic Picture Frames

Finally, if you have a lot of information that you need to convey to your targeted audience, consider using electronic picture frames that will cycle through a number of different graphics, rather than just one graphic alone. The movement of the graphics will draw the attention of the people at the trade show and will allow you to utilize your space the most efficiently.

For more information, talk to a company that specializes in providing trade show products, like Goodkey Show Services Ltd.