planning a very special event for a special personplanning a very special event for a special person

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planning a very special event for a special person

My grandmother is 80 years old and has just got engaged to marry an 83 year old man that has basically been a member of the family since I was a little girl. My grandmother asked me for help planning her wedding and reception. She wanted something simple, but elegant. She wanted her closest friends and family as well as his friends and family. It took a little while for me to get through all of the details of planning such an important event, but I made it happen. My blog can help others that are trying to plan a special event for someone dear to them.

Four Rentals You Need When Your Business Sponsors A Telethon For A Charity

If you want to raise money for a charity in the community, consider having a telethon. A telethon can be a great way for a business to raise money to donate to a charity. The guide below walks you through a few rentals you will need to get to make your charity go off without a hitch.

Rent Tables and Chairs

The people that will be answering the phones will need a place to sit during the telethon. Renting tables and chairs for them to sit at will ensure that they are as comfortable as they can be during the event. Place the tables and chairs in an area of the room that does not get a lot of traffic.

Rent a Stage

You want to be able to have guests come and speak during the telethon. Having a stage set up will give the telethon a more professional look, which can help to spark more people to want to donate money to the telethon. You do not need to rent an overly large stage for the event since it will typically only be you and one or two other people on the stage at one time.

Rent Lighting

When you go on television, you need to be sure that everything is properly lit. Many rental companies, such as Orange Frog Productions, have great lighting available that you can rent. Be sure to try a few different lighting films before you start filming to ensure that you create the exact look you want. You do not want to appear washed out on television. Doing a test run will ensure you are happy with the way that everything looks.

Rent Sound Equipment

Finally, you want to be sure that you can easily be heard during the telethon. Renting sound equipment will give you a professional look because you will be able to talk into a microphone and ensure that everyone can easily hear what you are saying at the same time. Be sure to have someone on set who knows how to properly operate the sound equipment.

Once you have rented all of these items, you will need to rent a space to hold the telethon. You also need to hire a film crew and purchase air time to use for the telethon. Be sure to plan everything well before you plan to have the telethon so that you can be sure everything is ready to go when the big day arrives.